Friday, December 18, 2015

Coffee Review: Gevalia India Malabar Ground Coffee

Gevalia India Malabar. Image credit: Google

Oh Gevalia, how I love thee (second to Lindvall's, though).

Introducing Gevalia's India Malabar Ground Coffee, a dark roast coffee blend with hints of chocolate and a touch of smoke. I discovered this particular blend when the store at Ofvandahl's in Uppsala Sweden told me they used "Indian coffee", by which I think they meant Indian dark roast coffee.

For those of us residing in Southeast Asia, this is quite similar to the typical coffee we enjoy here which is darker in roast. However, whilst we typically drink robusta beans which has been roasted with hearty doses of sugar and fatty margarine, Gevalia's India Malabar Ground Coffee is made of Arabica beans which tends to be more flavourful and less cloying on the tongue.

I much prefer this blend to regular dark roast robusta, to be honest.

A decent blend to try, if you enjoy richer tasting coffees. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Michelle Chen - a "fat" xiaolongnu

Recently, a favourite show for my dad and I to tune into is the Legends of the Condors (神雕侠侣) at 11pm on Channel 8. Now, since my last vague memory of this series had our local actress Fann Wong as XLN (yeah, I know, that was eons ago), I could watch this show on a clean slate.

I found that the character of xiaolongnu was played by someone(ahem, Michelle Chen) who looked girlish and of a natural beauty, a clear contrast to the surrounding female cast who looked like they had way too much makeup and plastic surgery. 

"No, netizens said she's the ugliest xiaolongnu ever, especially when compared to the actress playing Li Mochou," my dad would say when I remarked how pretty Michelle Chen was in the drama series. I was positively aghast. The actress playing Li Mochou looks like the typical plastic surgery ideal - fake and pretentious, which is far more suited for the character.

In contrast, someone who plays xiaolongnu should be someone who is dead serious about staying and guarding the tomb, oblivious and unaffected by the ideals of the outside world. In short, someone whose so-called ethereal beauty is the raw beauty of a woman. Someone who's perhaps even naive and childlike, just like Michelle Chen who still has cute cheeks (hello, she's NOT fat FYI). Thus, Michelle Chen fits this role.

張馨予, who played Li Mochou, 

looks more like a low-grade porno actress than xiaolongnu-worthy

When netizens screamed at how Michelle Chen doesn't portray the role of xiaolongnu well with her cutesy behaviour, I'm inclined to agree somewhat that there's a hint of The Apple of my Eye coming into this show. However, given how there's comedic relief on the Yang Guo's part in this drama series, the bubbly nature of Michelle Chen is a complement to this light-hearted set of script.

To some, this drama represents the criminal butchering of 神雕侠侣. To me, I found it a refreshing change.

Well if you've actually read this far, I applaud you. This is a mere rant against the superficial general crowd.

Until next time~

Friday, May 29, 2015

Skincare Review: Skinfood Peach Sake

Peach Sake Toner & Emulsion - S$11.70 each at DFS Changi

Oh gosh, I honestly have been lemming for Skinfood's Peach Sake range since forever. I'm quite a sucker for the scent of juicy peaches and this range nails it. Also the bottles are so delightfully cute! Look at them! Like petite little sake bottles for the skin!

Unfortunately, I did not manage to buy it for a long time as the steep prices at the local Skinfood outlets (read: $3x +++) was such a turn-off given that Skinfood doesn't seem particularly premium but commands a premium prices in our local stores. In fact, it is fairly affordable in Korea.

Fast forward…

I was at Changi's duty free arrival area the other day and spotted these little darlings going at just $11.70 per bottle! WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS REAL SOMEONE SLAP ME AM I DREAMING?! Well, it is true. It is soooooooooooo cheap compared to what was sold in the stores here. Needless to say, despite lugging back 20+ bottles of Naruko from Taiwan, I grabbed these two bottles along with 2 other skin food products and merrily trudged to the counter.

"I'LL TAKE THESE NOW THANK YOU!" I boomed at the sales staff. No, just kidding; although I am really quite psyched about the prices.

Pretty pretty
Just as I have remembered, the peach sake range smells so delightfully of happy, juicy peaches with an everlasting nectar supply. Just smelling them made me instantly happy and ready to dance into the rainbow and ride a unicorn ....heh.

Top: toner, bottom: emulsion.

This product provides almost zero moisturising ability and serves as a great oil reduction product for my T-zone areas, saving me the embarrassment of looking like a disco ball in our sunny Singapore.
I've only been using them for a couple of days so I might come back in the future to update on the post, if needed.

Till then, darlings. :)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Skincare Review: Naruko Apple Seed Toner

Naruko Apple Seed Toner
   Hello to all y'all people out there actually reading this review.
I bought this toner on an impulse buy during's promotion. I believe it was on 50% off when I grabbed this on a whim. Truth to be told, I have long eyed this particular range which boasted the ability to radically brighten the skin and eradicate dark spots (e.g freckles).

I liked that the toner is in a lovely aqua green colour - which I find highly soothing and refreshing. The product itself is a viscous liquid which made it seem like it was a lot more moisturising than the typical liquid toners. Here's a picture taken with my Hizztech patent camera clip using the 4x macro lens. Pardon the garish lines on my hands - macro shots does bring out the worst in my skin heh.

In all, I think it did helped to brighten my skin when I used in conjunction with the serum. However, my gripe is that it leaves a 'filmy' texture on the skin possibly due to the propylene glycol in the ingredients. I find such products really icky so … nah, I'll pass on this toner once it is used up. The winner of this range for me is actually its eye-gel, which I am inclined to blog about in the (hopefully) near future.

Until then.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

{{Bag Review}}: Fjällräven Kånken 13 Laptop Bag

Before I begin, here's a little rant:
You do not -I repeat- do not, pronounce Fjällräven Kånken as "fall raven kenken" as so many people have done on YouTube.
The letter "J" sounds like "Y" in English.
"ä" and "å" are legitimate letters with specific pronunciation.

Fjällräven Kånken is pronounced somewhat like "F-yeah-lle-r-air-ven k-awn-ken".

/End rant

I never thought I'd ever buy this bag. Ever.

I see it everywhere in Singapore being carried by superficial fashionistas and posers and found the bag odd, if not strange. 

Fast forward a year later, I am in Sweden and I see TONS of people carrying this bag. You cannot walk for 5 metres in the university grounds without seeing a Swede carrying this bag around. Intrigued, I found out that it is actually a Swedish brand and the bag has been manufactured since 80's. Fjällräven is actually a company that specialises in outdoor clothing and accessories, and the bag was born as a rugged, tough, hardy companion for school kids. H told me it was common for Swedish school kids to go out on trips to the woods/forests and thus a nice, durable bag like Fjällräven Kånken was extremely apt. To top it off, the bag boasted the ability to help with back problems.

As of today, I've been carrying the bag for 7 months or so and some of the threads are running a little. However, it still remains unbeatable in terms of weight distribution (read: comfortable bag) and is spacious and roomy enough for random stuff. A gripe though, is the 13' is smaller than Kånken Classic so if you're gonna stuff a fairly thick sweater in it, it's gonna get filled to the brim. :(

Overall, I like this bag and am intending a second purchase.

Also, please don't bother buying a Kånken from Carousell as they're all possibly fakes and marked up. If you wanna get a fake one, just buy it from Taobao instead of getting ripped off for buying something "real". It's not.  The imitations look very alike the real one, but their fabric is not Vinylon-F, so there is a difference which you can tell in terms of the structure (real ones are boxy) and stiffness of the fabric, along with its odd dust-attracting ability.

Till next time, lovelies.

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