Saturday, September 29, 2012

In-depth Skincare Review: NARUKO Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly

 Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly -$23.90 at (for Singapore residents) 

So here's the in-depth review of this awesome gelly. My mother actually bought this on a 50% clearance sale from think it was ~6months from expiry).

Naruko's Rose and Snow Fungus range is meant for dry skin types. The collection consists of a toner, lotion, moisturizer, night gelly, eye gelly, etc. There's even a new HA jelly lotion that looks pretty cool. 
The entire range is ultra moisturizing and thus the texture of this eye gelly is very thick. Note: It's not creamy or oily! Just really gooey. In terms of all the Naruko gellies I've tried, this is the thickest of them all. 
As the name suggests, it smells rosey. However it is unlike actual rose smell, probably due to the use of other essential oils in this product. Naruko products focus on aromatheraphy thus expect to smell quite strong scents from all its products, which are derived solely from essential oils. No artificial fragrances are added.
And here's how it looks like.
The classy violet glass bottle the eye gelly is stored in. It can be reused once you're done with it-just simply tear off the sticker. 
The thick gooey texture

Anyway, this product is an eye gelly, and its purported function is to seal in the eye cream applied beforehand. I do know of many who strictly adhere to this. However. I believe that only you know your skin best - does it really require an eye cream AND an eye gelly? Naruko is also known to advise people to know their skin well too and not follow rigidly. (at least, from what I've observed).
As I have oily skin (which turns ridiculously oily under stress) and do not face the problem of dry eyes but have the issue of eye bags due to gruelling school hours, I would need an eye product to help get rid of my scary eye bags of doom.
Since I have seen Naruko YouTube videos teaching people "eye massage" techniques that will help reduce your eye bags, I decided to try it and viola! It works quite well!
Here's some (badly) taken photos of my eye with and without using the product
Before product use:
Eye bag of doom. Note, I was smiling in this picture.

After product use(morning shot):
And here's another shot, with me smiling with all my might to get the eye bag out.
See, even my semi- double eye lid are showing! But the eye bag was still not as severe. Without the product my eye bags would still be quite apparent in the morning. 
So this product does make your eyes look more awake. Yay!
Verdict: awesome product, I shall repurchase it.
My only gripe is perhaps the short time of 6 months before the product must be tossed away due to the lack of strong preservatives in Naruko products. As the texture is very thick I require only a really small amount and I wonder if I can finish it in six months. Thankfully I'm sharing this with mum so it probably won't be so bad :) 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Eyebags Be Gone!: NARUKO Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly

Rose and Snow Fungus Night Eye Gelly retails for S$ 23.90 at exclusively

An in-depth review will be coming soon.

Basically I love how well this de-puffs my eyebags and provides nourishing moisture. It is meant for dry skin type but works fine for oily skin types too (like me!). Plus it smells amazing. Rather sweet rosey scent that's calming. While it is rose-like in scent, there are other essential oils used in this product that made it smells slightly less rosy. Texture wise it is quite thick and you need just a tiny little amount to cover your eye area. In fact I think I use 4 times as much for the night gelly than for the eye gelly. I always reach for this when I feel my eyes are feeling tired and puffy. They help to melt away the weariness quickly, and make your eye area feel lighter and brighter. Sticky when just applied but that stickiness disappears in a moment. Meant for night use but I use it during the day too, as long as I'm in need of some de-puffing(hahaha).

  • Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Perfume Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender EDT

    Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender EDT retails at all Crabtree & Evelyn outlets in Singapore. S$28/30ml and S$65/100ml

    I must declare that I am not a Lavender fan. But since my friend never got the chance to pick this bottle up from me  and that the bottle has been sitting around in my room for months, I used it instead. This EDT is a new formula. I smelt the previous C&E Lavender Eau Fraiche and loathed it. For some reason lavender scents, when used in wrong concentrations, give me a nasty headache and a sense of revulsion. C&E's previous lavender smell was akin to having an entire bouquet of lavender thrust up into your nose- that's how strong it is. I know there are many who loved the previous Lavender scent from C&E but I happen to not be one of them. 
    However, I do miss the previous packaging, where everything seems oh-so-English. Makes you feel like you're in the colonial era (and happen to be a rich person). The new EDT is packaged in a chunky glass bottle that seems cute but is a waste of glass. O.o and I am perturbed by the huge amount of packaging C&E often uses for their products - unneccessary wastage. 
    The new scent is far more powdery with hints of lavender notes. I imagine it to be a lavender scented powder kind of smell, which is calming and clean.
     It's rather pleasant smelling(even for me!) and probably will be well received by most.
    The downside is that it has low staying power. I can barely smell it two hours after application. And the powdery scent lingers more than the lavender.

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Drink Review: Gongcha Alisan Cha

    Gongcha Alisan Cha -S$2.50 at all Gongcha outlets
    Gongcha is one of the bigger players in the Singapore bubble tea market. I tend to prefer it over koi as the sugar level chosen tend to reflect it accurately. Koi drinks tend to be too sickeningly sweet to me, but that's just my opinion. 

    I absolutely adore the "Gongcha" range of Gongcha teas. They have a creamy frothy layer of "milk" made up of likely just well-blended coffee creamer. You can choose the option of drinking the milky layer or not. I enjoy sipping a small mouthful near the end >_< but not the entire thing as it tends to be rather unhealthy. The milky layer is lightly dusted with green tea powder that seems more of for aesthetic purpose than for influencing the taste of the tea.
    The Alisan tea itself is rather fragrant and you can tell the quality of the tea is quite good, judging from the slight bitter taste and its aroma. 
    Sugar level of 0,30,70,100% can be selected. 30% is fairly sweet in my opinion and when you add toppings to it 30% is too sweet for me. Nonetheless if this were sweet, Koi's tea would be a bag of sugar. 
    In short, me likey this tea. Haha.
    The milky froth.

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    Skincare review: Clogged pores saver- Avene TriAcnéal

    Avene TriAcneal retails for around S$55 dollars at Watsons and Guardian outlets, Singapore.

    In my opinion, this is a pretty expensive clogged pore treatment. Of course, I didn't know it was highly expensive till I discovered you could buy Retin-A at the local Polyclinic for less than 10bucks. Nonetheless both are not that similar. triAcneal contains 6% glycolic acid and 0.1% Retinaldehyde to penetrate deeply into pores and also exfoliate the skin. Retinaldehyde is a weaker derivative of vitamin A than Retin-A(which can only be prescribed by medical staff)

    Who is this good for?
    -people with mild to moderate clogged pores
    -want a effective spot treatment for acne: you can see the clogged pore and all that gunk pushed to the surface due to the deep penetration of this product
    -you should only apply a small layer and it will last a long while for a 30ml bottle.

    -this is a steroid based cream so you will experience purging, even though triacneal is supposedly gentler than its predecessor diacneal. Purging in the form of pimples pushed to the surface everywhere and looking yucky
    -it thins your skin. Makes it more sensitive. 
    -takes awhile to see effect (around 8 weeks).

    Side note about Avene salespeople
    -terribly stingy with samples except for one or two nice ladies
    -hovering pesky people who can't let you shop in peace 
    -some are pretty rude and obnoxious 
    -lack of company feedback channel: ColorPlay(distributor) just don't care.
    -way overpriced compared to Europe

    Skincare Caution: Khiel's Calendula Toner

    I've heard raves about Khiel's Calendular toner and how it is all calming. I loved the fact that real Calendular flowers are inside the toner too. It adds a touch of "we add good stuff in there" in my opinion. 
    However, despite receiving this sample for quite awhile, I do not dare to use it. 
    It is due to the presence of methyparaben in such a high concentration- the 4th on the list, to be exact.
    I admit I am anti-paraben. But even for those who are alright with paraben, they should know that this isn't a small amount we're talking about, it's the freaking fourth ingredient on the extensive list. I'd have happily used it since most of the ingredients look really beneficial!
    I'm disappointed. Isn't Khiels reputed to be good for skin? They should know better than to put such ingredients in huge concentrations. And this toner isn't cheap, I think it was around 70 bucks for 200ml of products. Way overpriced IMO.
    I can only speculate that the paraben is meant to ensure that the natural petals don't rot inside the bottle. 
    Sorry, I'm gonna pour the toner away unless someone wants it. It is unopened. I just want the cute bottle. 

    And for those who'd like to know more about the methylparaben, here's some info from

    About METHYLPARABEN: Methylparaben is in the paraben family of preservatives used by the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care product industries. Parabens mimic estrogen and can act as potential hormone (endocrine) system disruptors.

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    Skincare Rave: Naruko Majoram and Lavender Night Gelly

    Naruko Majoram and Lavender Classical Brightening Night Gelly -S$21.90 
    available only at
    Image from

    This came in the set I ordered from and I decided to try it after I ran out of my Oil Out night gelly.
    Since I've got sensitive skin, I did a patch test on the back of my hand and on my elbow. Anyway, I was just randomly rubbing it into my hand not expecting to see any instant results but whoa! 
    It brightened the hand with the gelly 0__0 so my eyes did not deceive me when I used the serum from this range- more about that when I've got the time. My hand looks a mixture of brighter and fairer. I am reeling from the unexpected instant results.
    Texture wise, it is a gooey moisturizing gel that is very lightweight upon contact with my skin. It melts into my skin and is comparable to the Raw Job's Tears Gelly, if not lighter.
    Anyway, will be using this and see if it helps with acne scars. ^^
    An in-depth review will be done probably in two months time after I've used this for awhile. Hahah. 

    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    (Updated)In-Depth Skincare Review: Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly

    So here's the Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly Review!
    Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly -S$22.90 at selected Watsons store and residents of Singapore)
    I was kind of hesitant buying this since the videos about this gelly on YouTube exclaims how much it smells like the actual Job's Tears. Job tears smells like barley and I was afraid it'd make me think of food and feel yucky using it. 
    Luckily, it didn't
     I grabbed this when it was on a 15% discount at Watsons. I'm always on the lookout for discounts. Hehe. 

    Anyway, my skin initially reacted to it slightly with my pores getting all prickly but thankfully it didn't cause a breakout or anything.
    I like Naruko products as the prices are comparable to other drugstore brands minus the harmful chemicals. Yippee!

    The product:
    The natural extract smell of it was delightfully pleasant. Smells like barley, as mentioned earlier.
    This is lightest Naruko night gelly I've tried and is not moisturizing enough without using prior moisturizer(which I tend not to use!). So that's the downside to this product- not moisturizing enough especially for night time use or for dry skin types. It is the least viscous and so I use it as a day time moisturizer. It reminded me of a well blended fruit puree in terms of texture.( Very smooth but kind of thick. )When applied, it gives a refreshing cooling sensation that is pretty amazing, considering that I didn't refrigerate it and that it does not contain alcohol. This is when you apply Naruko's facial massage techniques to take care of your face ^_^
     The colour is pale yellowish white as shown above. I think it'll suit sensitive skin types well, as suggested by Naruko. My skin is sensitive and prone to breakout/rashes. (contributed partly by Singapore's crazy hot and humid weather.) When I broke out from a rash from Khiel's creme gel moisturizer (massive rashes and bumps, I tell you), this product cooled it down by providing gentle hydration. 
    Additionally, it is said that Job's Tears is good for removing water retention in the face, commonly seen when one just wakes up. Just apply a fairly thick layer using an amount akin to a 50-cent Singapore coin and wash/wipe off after 5 minutes. 
    As for its purported function for "supercritical whitening"(lolwut) I'd say it's not good at whitening. It merely evened out my skin tone subtly. I'm not looking for a whitening gel so I am alright with it. I think my skin is rather fair and I don't need it to be fairer than it already is lest I look like a ghost. I'd say the RJT range is more to make your skin more even-toned and subtly brighter looking. 

    A closer look at the product

    The packaging:
    The gelly is stored in a brilliant red glass bottle which can be reused if you're environmentally conscious!
    Naruko's gelly is packaged using a card board box which can be reused as some nifty stationery- follow instructions provided. Also, I've seen people complaining how the assembled product is flimsy and a very common sensical solution is to use the other board found inside the packaging as backing. I have no idea why people don't use it. It made my assembled pieces very sturdy.

    Ending notes:
    Do use the spatula provided as Naruko products do not contain preservatives. And please dispose of it once it has been opened for 6 months or more! Typically a jar lasts me for three to four months by using it as a daytime moisturizer. ^^ so it should be fine.
    I will probably not try the lotion and serum as they contain Job's Tears oil. I know the oil is "valuable" or "precious" but with my kind of oily skin, I'd just avoid it entirely. 

    La spatula! It fits snugly into my fingers.

    And the ingredients, if you'd wanna know and gawk at how many plant-based ingredients there are. Also, the ones in bold are the patented concentration of "Phytoferulin" from Naruko. They are made to improve your skin's natural barrier which I think means less sensitivity.

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Chocolate Review: Royce' Nama Chocolate(Maccha)

    Royce Nama Chocolate (Maccha flavour) -S$15.00
    Available at all Royce' outlets in Singapore
    Image from
    This image doesn't do it justice. The matcha is much greener in real life.

    I remembered this being limited edition flavour last year, so I was quite perplexed when it was still in stock. I guess it's the maccha season again :D
    (I haven't had the time to go out since forever due to my A levels exams coming up soon.)

     Anyway, this was a flavour I avoided last year because the taste of matcha was almost non-existent. It called itself maccha but it was more like white chocolate with a touch of tea. So utterly bland.There was only a subtle matcha aftertaste in its original formula.

    Thankfully, they have changed the formula.

    I told my friend I wasn't gonna get it but ahhh the temptation was too great! *cries*
    After tasting the sample it was just too good to miss.

    The matcha taste is now very prominent. It hits your taste buds with full force. The beautiful blend of fresh cream and matcha is practically dancing in my mouth when I eat a piece of it. I'd say they got the formula right this time round. It's nothing short of amazing. The box is sprinkled with matcha everywhere and I think I'll eat them all. Hohoho.

    It's like eating maccha with milk, but in a cube form.

    If you have some cash to spare and in need of some wonderful Nama chocolate boost, go grab it. It's  becoming my favourite flavour besides the Nama dark chocolate.
    Healthy dose of matcha plus sinfully good chocolates.

    What more can I ask for?

    Note: I do not splurge on Royce' very often at all. -.- I am a poor student. I buy Royce' around once or twice a year at most. 
    And I take my time eating it. 

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Drink Review: Pokka Lemon Tea

    Image from
    Price for a 500ml bottle: S$1.00~$3.00 depending on where you buy it from 

    Pokka is a Japanese drinks brand which can be found readily in stores throughout Singapore. It offers a wide variety of drinks but its fruit flavored teas seem to be very popular, considering its ever-increasing varieties. Besides lemon tea, they have strawberry, mango, blueberry and a recently added pineapple tea, just to name a few.
    This is actually my favourite brand of mass-based lemon tea.
    Pokka flavored teas do actually taste like tea instead of something synthetic, which I've seemed to observed in drinks like F&N's Lemon Tea(and in fact, I loathe F&N's flavoured teas with a vengeance).  I think that's quite important for a semi health conscious person like me. 
    It is a rather sweet drink, and one should not drink too much sweet stuff >__< but the sweetness is well blended with the taste of tea and a subtle hint of lemony goodness.
    The only lemon tea I've tasted that is better than this comes from The Soup Spoon but that drink costs $2.90 while this costs $1.00 a bottle if you buy it from my school's vending machine.
    How I judge a good lemon tea would be whether there is authentic tea taste in it and the presence of real lemon juice that shouldn't overpower the taste of tea. This drink seems to accomplish it quite well.
    The downside is that, like most mass based drinks, it's more sugar than anything else. While I can taste the real tea in it, it is a very diluted tea >_< that's perhaps my largest gripe with this drink- I'd have preferred it to be less diluted with a stronger tea taste.
    Nonetheless, it is a refreshing drink on a hot sunny day in our ever inferno-like Singapore. I have found it tastes the best when you chill it slightly. Too cold a drink makes it hard to enjoy the taste of the drink while when it is unchilled, it settles uncomfortably in such a hot weather.

    Naruko haul!

    Yippee my Naruko order was delivered today! It's a gift from my mumma. I'm only beginning to realize now that my mother's way of affection is to buy stuff for me instead of showering a mother's tender love. But it's ok, cause she loves me regardless. :) 
    I think it'll take a while before I review these stuff, but I've already tried the Celestial White Moss EDT and my first impressions are that it is really unisex in scent. It does smell like a forest kinda green scent. Nothing floral. Maybe mossy is the word. It's okay, not crazily wonderful but quite soothing. Plus it contains arbutin to brighten skin, a strange but unique way of concocting an EDT, methinks.
    Till then!

    Skincare Review: Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly

    Naruko Raw Job Tear's Night Gelly (S$22.90)
    Available at selected Watsons outlets and at residents of Singapore)

    REVIEW COMING SOON!! ^__^ so stay tuned! 
    Great for sensitive skin!
    Delicate natural smell! 

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    {{Quick Skincare Review}}: Naruko Oil Out Night Gelly

    Naruko Oil Out Night Gelly (S$22.90)

    Available at selected Watsons outlets and at Singaporeans)

    This is my first post, and a brief review about the Oil Out Night Gelly. Shall update once my exams are over ^^

    The good:
    -moisturises my acne-prone skin without breaking it out
    -although it's a tea tree oil product, it isn't harsh on my skin unlike The Body Shop's tea tree line or the Tea Tree brand found in Watsons
    -a jar lasts me for 3 months plus
    -you can use it for "facial massage"
    -it is packed in a classy glass bottle that you can reuse for other stuff. Comes with a nifty spatula that fits snugly into your fingers.
    -reduced a giant pimple on my forehead overnight which had been bugging me for days!
    -doubles as a daytime moisturizer despite the claims as a night gelly(probably marketing ploy)
    -paraben free

    The bad:
    -shelf life of 6 months after opening due to the lack of preservatives
    -can be sticky if you don't massage it in well or you applied too liberally
    -Singapore's prices are way marked up. It's around 40% cheaper in Taiwan or more.
    -not au natural cause there are some synthetic ingredients like dimenthicone(?) near the bottom of the extensive list of natural ingredients

    The product:
    -A slightly cream-coloured gel with a faint whiff of tea tree oil and other oils.
    -Provides a slightly tingling, cooling sensation that isn't irritating for my skin

    The packaging:
    -The cardboard box that comes along with it can be transformed into something useful. Refer to diagrams provided in the box.
    -tends to be flimsy unless you back it up with the additional piece of board inside the box(which I do).
    Anddd, here's the ad for it.

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