Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{{Skincare Tips}}: Products I use in hot and humid weathers

Hello people~
The weather in Singapore has turned drastically humid and hot these couple of days. This change of weather has resulted in heat rash breaking out on my face again and thus I have scrambled to assemble my skincare routine which soothes my face.

Here's what I typically use in hot, humid weathers.
*Note* Results depends on the individuals! What works for me may not work for you~
These are merely recommendations! No reviews for the products are available at the moment unless otherwise linked.

1. Avene Thermal Water
$29.90/2x300ml, $20.60/2x150ml, $19.90/3x50ml at
 Watsons outlets, Singapore

This baby does wonders to soothe itchy rashes and skin sensitivity. Leave it in the fridge for a cooling blast. This is particularly great for me as my cheeks are prone to redness and my face overall is prone to heat rashes.

2.  Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Gelly
S$23.90 at Watsons, Singapore

*review available here*
Ignore the whitening part of this product. I didn't buy it for any "supercritical whitening" that is touted by this range of skincare from Naruko. Instead, I first bought this when it was on promotion  (it's that cheapskate in me!) and found out it was absolutely great for sensitive skin people. Raw job's tears is indeed very soothing and the gelly is so lightweight that it can be used during daytime too!

3. Naruko Raw Job's Tears Toner
S$23 at Watsons, Singapore

I just bought this product recently and started using this in conjunction with the night gelly and lotion. Using it with a cotton pad provides a cooling sensation that helps to soothe my sensitive skin skin.

4. Naruko Raw Job's Tears Lotion
*review here*
S$24.90 at Watsons, Singapore

Well, it isn't as soothing as the other products from this range but it is more moisturising and non-irritating - perfect for sensitive-dry skin sufferers.

5. Avene Cleanance Emulsion
S$36(??) from Watsons, Guardian, Singapore

This product contains silicone/silicone derivatives which I am allergic to. Under a hot and humid weather the silicone seems to cause breakouts for me. Also, it seems too moisturising to for oily skin types. BUT when I started working in an air-condition environment this product is indeed soothing and adequately moisturising, being able to solve my sensitive cheeks.

6. DIY oatmeal toner
*review/tutorial here*

This is an extremely affordable and fairly soothing toner that I use whenever I am free to make a small batch of it. It is also somewhat moisturising and does appear to give a brightening effect to the face.

So yeah, that's the products I tend to reach for during the hot and humid days in Singapore (as if Singapore isn't hot and humid enough already!)

I hope this helps!
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{{In-depth Review}}:Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lipgloss

Majolica Majorca rouge majex lipgloss S$17.90 at Watsons outlets, Singapore

Oh hey guys, here's an in-depth review on Majolica Majorca's rouge majex lipgloss. I've been using this on and off for the past 3-4 years and the formula hasn't changed one bit.

Now, I got this at a 20+5% discount (I'm a cheapskate, I know) at Watsons so do buy before it's gone.

Over here I believe this comes in six shades and I've always gotten the light pink/nude pink tones as they complement my skintone. A bottle lasts quite a long while and I had to discard one because it was spoilt +_+ since I couldn't use it up in 2 years.

This boasts 70% moisturising ability and glides on luxuriously smooth onto my lips. I do find that initially, it does indeed feel very smooth and 'moisturising' but unfortunately, my lips continued to flake the same way with this lipgloss as I did not layer lipbalm below it. Thus, this lipgloss gives a "moisturised lip" effect but I don't think it really does moisturise the lips.

This lip gloss really gives the impression of "plump lips"(not entirely sure how to put it) and thus, accentuates the "pout" that many girls desire. For me, well, I'm not too fond of pouty lips and making mine pout-ier since I kind of think my lips are too big >.>

The gloss has a lot of shimmer particles in them which makes your lip all shiny and shimmery with a tint of colour. The colour payoff is sheer, perfect for a nude-ish look.

Behold, my huge lips -_-' with the lipgloss applied

Scent-wise this has the scent of juicy grapes - the kind that you get in grape flavoured Japanese gummies. Very deliciously sweet smelling, I'd say. That's why I continue buying them although I dislike artificial ingredients - something many Japanese products are loaded with. Though, on a daily basis I tend to use lip balms instead of lip glosses.

Oh, and the applicator given is this wand applicator as shown below. I think it's quite unhygenic to have such an applicator so you'll have to use this up fast before it spoils.

Well, do you own this? Will you buy this? Share your thoughts below, I'd love to hear them.
Thanks for reading
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