{{In-Depth Skincare Review}}: Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream

Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream (50g)
S$2.20/50g and $3.50/100g (depending on where you get it)
For generations, Singaporean women have swore by this beauty product.

Your mother, your aunt or your grandmother could have seen this as the holy grail product back in the old days.

It is affordable ("dirt cheap" even by today's standards) and does a pretty good job of keeping the ladies pretty.

But behold, the twenty first century ushered in an era where advertisements blare at every street corner. Poor Hazeline has become muted, swallowed up by the sea of latest skincare products that are endorsed by celebrities. Many youths see Hazeline Snow derisively - it's so cheap, how can it be good? 

Yet, Hazeline Snow's continued presence shows how popular it is. Recently, when rumours abound that Hazeline Snow was about to be discontinued, news reported that stocks flew off the shelves. People who knew how good this product was were hoarding this!

Comes with an inner tab to prevent the cream from drying up

The product itself is just like what its name suggest - it resembles snow. Crumbly, white and cooling is what this cream is. It seems like cold chalky solids when you first dig it out of the bottle. 

In fact, as a child I'd grab that bottle lying around and stick my fingers into it due to my fascination with the texture. Also, I wanted to sniff the rosy, powdery scent of the product. 

Well, needless to say it became more like a child's toy than for my mother to slather it on. 

Zeh texture!

I've been using the more expensive creams/gels/lotions but recently I got my hands on Hazeline Snow just for fun and also to see what the raves are all about. Boy, am I glad I did it.

Hazeline Snow is great as it mattifies and provides a white base for the skin, evening that evens out the skintone and making it appear brighter. For me, my face is around 3-5 shades darker than the rest of my body so I'd rely on this cream to lighten my face. Don't over-apply though as it can leave a scary white cast. Yikes~ 

Hazeline Snow keeps my face from becoming too oily for hours! Who needs a $69 clay lotion from Khiels to mattify the skin when you've got this wonderful little tub of joy? Annnd, my friends who uses it says it's great to combat acne! Put a dollop on the zit and go to bed. Plus, its cooling texture is great for insect bites and rashes.

When I had this on one day, my friend remarked that my skin looks better now. It may be because Hazeline Snow is indeed as good for skin as they say, or that the nature of the cream (powdery, matte product) helps to even out the skintone by having a layer of powder on it. There is indeed a noticeable film left on the skin after using hazeline but it's not annoying like silicone-based products.

To combat the crumbly cream problem encountered by many, I used a spatula to gently scoop out thin layers the cream.Viola, you get a very creamy, cooling paste that is in no way crumbly at all! :D

The downside to this cream is perhaps the fact that it isn't very moisturising at all. For dry skin people you're better off trying the whitening version of Hazeline Snow as the texture is creamier. And, for oilier skin types, you still do need some moisturising gel/lotion before putting this on unless your skin is really, really oily. It caused a tightening sensation around my prone-to-dryness cheeks when I slather it on without applying lotion beforehand. 

Nonetheless, this is a great product and it has stood the test of time.

Highly recommend.

Oh, have you guys tried this product? And is it available in your country? Do share!

Lots of love
That Whimsical Blogger!


  1. soundz good ... need to try it too!

    1. Hehe yeah it's a pretty nifty product! :D Economical enough to try.

  2. Hey I'm using this product too! I like the cooling effect it has on my face but it always leave the white marks on my face! How much should I apply so that I won't leave white marks on my face? Can anyone give me some guidance?

    1. Heya Nala, I find that if you massage it into your face, there won't be white marks. A tip you can try is to press your palms (gently!) onto your face to warm and melt the product.

  3. Hello! Sorry about being a bother! But do you know where it is still available?

    1. Hey Akira! I think it is still available at most grocery stores like NTUC or Giant if you live in Singapore. Watsons also carries it, if I am not wrong.

    2. Im sellin 100g yellow bott in spore.


  4. Hello, chanced upon your blog. My mum has been using this until recently, we can't find it anymore.. Tried NTUC, Watsons..

    1. Hey nonex! Hmmm, that's very strange. Did you ask the stores why they don't stock it anymore? I'm not in Singapore at the moment but before I left (a month ago) I still see them being sold in those stores. Maybe it's a temporary shortage?

  5. Hi, is the yellow or the green one that better for dry skin?
    I'm kinda confused reading your last one. I thought creamier means have more liquid-y texture than the yellow one :/

  6. Loved the way you have shared your views thanks alot for sharing will surely bookmarked this wonderful resource
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    1. Hi Alex, i sellin 100g hazeline in spore. My aunty got e limited stock fr sarawak supplier.

      blueberrysweet @ gmail . com

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