Friday, June 28, 2013

{{BB Cream Review}}: BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

BRTC  Blemish Recover Balm $36 from Sasa outlets, Singapore

Hey hey!

I'll be reviewing BRTC's Blemish Recover Balm in this post. Hah, I've been updating so infrequently these days. Too caught up with so many things in life to update this widdle blog. Boo hoo.


I believe BRTC is one of the starters of the BB cream craze in Korea. Personally, I am a "go-with-the-original" type of girl so naturally I'd have my eye on BRTC's products rather than other brands like Skin79, Etude House, Missha and (heavens, no!) American-brand BB creams (as they're entirely different). 

One thing I love about BRTC's BB creams is that they're made with the idea that BB creams should be able to treat skin woes while giving a flawless finish. This is the original purpose of BB creams anyway, so their philosophy sits well with me. This is formulated with "Optimal Cover RX", ""Blue Phyto Complex" and "Anti-Blemish Complex" which I don't really care since it sounds more like mere fancy naming to me.

BRTC's Blemish Recover Balm is targeted for acne-prone skin. I have been using this product since January this year on days when I wanted some coverage. I often do not wear makeup because I think it is bad for the skin so BB creams are the furthest I will go in slathering something on my face.
With an SPF of PA28++, you can be assured of a high UV shield. Did you know that above SPF of 30, the incremental effects of UV coverage is miniscule compared to the price increase? Also, a high SPF product will give your face a ghastly cast especially if you appear in flash photography. So I think BRTC's SPF of 28 is very ideal (I usually choose to wear low SPF sunscreen like SPF 15 due to my sensitive skin).

BRTC's BB cream is a pale greyish pinkish beige that when first blended on your skin, gives a pale cast. I almost shrieked at how white I had become. My face was at least 3-4 shades lighter. However, after ten minutes or so the BB cream will oxidise and somewhat match your skintone. It was lighter than my original face colour but I have no gripes with that since my face is darker than the rest of my body (yeah, strange isn't it? My hands are ghastly Asian-type white but my face isn't). Oh, and it sits on your face like a second skin so you would not look like you're wearing makeup.

I read that some people are turned off by the smell but I am fine with it. Because of its anti-blemish properties, there is a somewhat strong tea tree oil smell mixed with the smell of unscented makeup. It doesn't last long, so personally, I don't think anyone should be thaaat turned off by it.

The BB cream ~
The coverage of this BB cream is moderate that can easily be built to a full coverage. I like that, because this means this BB cream is suited to covering red angry acne marks like a concealer.  However, also because of this coverage, it is rather thick and so you will have to blend it in your face quickly and by parts. So I tend to dab it on my cheeks first, followed by my chin, nose and forehead.

Also, I noticed that it seems to melt in our hot weather if you do not let it dry fully before heading out of the house. Imagine my unhappiness when I found it smearing against my DSLR's preview screen as I went about trying to snap photos in town. Grrrrr.

But, this lasts a good 5-6 hours on my skin before I see it fading. So if you're heading out just for a short while, this can be chucked happily at home. Otherwise, you can also bring this around since it is just a small squeeze tube. I do notice it does not have much oil-controlling properties since my T-zone still shines after a few hours but that can easily be solved by applying a layer of powder on top or (for me), spritzing some thermal water and gently dabbing it away with a tissue paper.

In all, I'd say this is a very decent BB cream. It is fantastic for covering up minor imperfections and scars and lasts on the skin for a fairly long time. 

I am keen on trying more BRTC products in the future when my current supplies run out. I currently also own their BRTC Aqua Rush BB cream which I very much prefer. My next-to-try is probably their BRTC Jasmine BB cream powder (looks really cool!).

Have you tried BRTC's BB creams? What's your opinion of them? Do share!

That Whimsical Blogger~

P.S: BB creams are makeup products. Do use a proper cleanser to remove them. I like to use Laneige's Multi Cleanser, Avene's Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser and Avene's Cleanance Cleanser to remove my makeup.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

{{Fragrance Review}}: Davidoff The Game

Why, hello there.
It's been awhile.

Today I'll be reviewing Davidoff The Game, a fragrance for men.

I was kindly given 2 sample vials from a wonderful Sephora Filipino salesman at Ion Orchard (So good service does exist at Sephora!). His enthusiasm was so cute. I'd be back to Sephora to buy stuff if I see him around.


Since Father's Day is coming up soon, it'd be nice to know if this is a good scent to invest in. Or perhaps, whether this would be great for your boyfriend(s).

Davidoff The Game: Winner Takes All.

The fragrance sounds promising, with a tagline that screams "I am a babe-magnet!". Or, in the fragrance world, it simply screams, "This fragrance is a panty-dropper!"

Top Notes("burst of freshness"): 
aromatic gin fizz accord

Middle notes("rising tension"): 
vibrant spices and textured iris

Base notes("Irresistible Attraction"): 
virile woods and elegant vetiver

The Game opens up fizzy, spicy and a little green. There is a sparkling bright aspect to it which is probably the gin fizz. Soon, the fragrance sweetens, almost tipping over the edge into "gourmand territory" but never really there. A diluted cloying sweet version of a gourmand male fragrance, I suppose.

In all honesty, it smells to me like a mix of Parco Rabanne's One Million and the original Davidoff Cool Water for men(minus the mint and aquatic notes). There is a darker edge to The Game as compared to Cool Water, making it more luxurious as opposed to the casual-smelling Cool Water. Cool Water is a rather iconic scent, having been around for years now. In contrast, The Game seems like a flanker of Cool Water - unsettlingly similar. Maybe it can be called Cool Water: The Game, eh?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but in a world where the fragrance industry is becoming increasingly overpopulated with generic fragrances, The Game would sit somewhere in that pile. An "okay" scent that will be easily forgotten amongst other similar smelling spicy-woody male colognes. 

Granted, it wouldn't hurt for a guy to wear this because it is inoffensive. I definitely don't see myself running for the hills and gagging. 

Verdict: Okay. May be a good starter fragrance but you can do better.

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