Saturday, September 7, 2013

{{Quick Review}}: Nivea Lip Butter (Raspberry Rose scented)

Nivea Lip Butter - $5.90 at Watsons Singapore outlets.
Hello there!

Today I succumbed to the temptation of  Nivea's lip butter and bought one. I have been seeing them around in Watsons for the past few weeks. Since I feel I have been using my lip balm from The Body Shop for way too long, it's time to toss that icky thing.

Anywho, I've noticed that most people grab the original scent of the lip butter more than raspberry rose flavour. Perhaps they love the nivea body lotions' scent? Or perhaps they know that the raspberry rose one smells too kiddy?

The scent of raspberry rose is rather alike to those chewy milky strawberry flavoured candies we have here in Singapore. Nothing very ground-shattering, obviously, but perhaps a little nostalgic when you smell it.

I immediately disliked the packaging when I tried opening it. Previously, my TheBodyShop lip balm was held in a pot with a screw-on lid which wasn't messy. However, Nivea's lip butter comes in a metal tin with a horrid metal tin cap that is hard to remove. Needless to say, being the klutz I am, I opened it haphazardly and got my finger stuck into the lip butter - eww! 
My lovely finger-imprinted mark on the lip butter

However, I do like the product itself. I am very picky when it comes to using lip products because some would leave an unsettling balmy feeling on my tongue, or give a weird taste in my mouth. Thankfully, Nivea's lip butter has none of that so I am feeling very pleased with it.

This also leaves a mild shimmer on your lips, giving it that luscious-moisturised-healthy -lip look.

Overall, yay for the lip butter itself but a big NAY for the darn tin packaging. I won't be lugging this around in a bag because I wouldn't close the tin too tightly as it's hard to remove carefully.

Have you tried this lip butter? What's your thoughts on lip butters/balms in a pot in general? Do share, I'd love to know. :)

Till then, my awesome readers!
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