Saturday, October 19, 2013

{{First Impressions}}: The Cambridge Satchel Backpack

Cambridge Satchel Backpack(vintage brown), S$270

Hello my adorable readers, it has been awhile!

Today, I received my Cambridge Satchel Backpack from the courier (*squeals like a little girl*) and would like to share my first impressions of it. I have been lusting for one ever since its release a few years back. It came in a ton of colours, such as navy blue, fluoros, black, and dark brown.

However, the price deterred me, and there was a time when they stopped producing the backpacks (boo!). Now it is only available in the red and vintage brown colour. Also, their customer service is really sucky. I tried contacting them via email, facebook and twitter and not once was my queries ever answered. Nonetheless, it is a fairly reputable brand so you probably would not be scammed.

My darling backpack was shipped using Fedex and I received my order just 5 days after purchasing it online (that's really fast. I was expecting at 14+7days waiting time according to their site).

The backpack comes in a cardboard packaging filled with air packets for extra protection, and placed in a eco-friendly bag with "The Cambridge Satchel Company" printed on it (see above).

It is 15-inches wide and weighs approximately 1.05kg. 
I was expecting a really hard, sturdy bag but this was a little soft for my tastes. As a comparison, I'd say it is harder than the satchels offered by Dr Martens, but softer than cardboard(can I really compare it this way? Heh.)

The bag itself is fairly spacious if you're just thinking of carrying your laptop, pencil case and small miscellaneous items. I bought it to lug my 13-inch Macbook Air which fits in easily.

I researched extensively before buying this and noted that some people thought it smelt like dead fish/smelt bad. For me, I think it smells like leather and leather dye. I love leather, so this smell didn't perturb me, although it isn't really very leathery.

Overall, my only gripe is that when carrying heavier items, the end of the backpack seems to "dig" into my back, which can cause friction and discomfort if I carried it for too long. Then again, there's always the handle bar for me to use :)

In all, I am pleased with the purchase.

P.S: It is currently free-worldwide-delivery month. So do grab a bag if you're thinking of doing so :)
P.S 2: My dad thinks this looks like bags old men carry, but I love the retro vibe. <3

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