Saturday, December 21, 2013

{{Fragrance Review}}: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea eau Parfumee

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea eau Parfumee

Greetings my lovely readers, it has been awhile.
I have been gone for quite some time, due to my busy schedule (I kid; I actually went on holiday to Taiwan. But, no matter~).

I cannot express how shocked I am that I have yet to review this fragrance on my blog.
This fragrance has been around since 1999 and I have had many moments in life where this fragrance has given me beautiful memories.
My first vivid encounter with this fragrance was perhaps when I was a young child. I was staring out of the door of my home when a lady who was dressed in a smart white shirt passed by. This scent wafted in my direction - its crisp citrus freshness mixed a smattering of delicate jasmine petals and a very strong green note a scent to behold for a young child. That incident created for me an association of this scent with someone who dresses smartly.

Cue 10 years later, and I now own three bottles of this fragrance simultaneously (I'm compulsive, I know).

While I have developed further my olfactory senses in the world of perfumery, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea has always remained a staple in my (ever expanding) collection.

This scent, as mentioned above, is crisp, citrusy, mildly floral and very, very green. Besides this, though, is a subtle complexity for this scent, created by the mix of (synthetic) spices in the background. Additionally, it is not a natural smelling tea scent (in fact, this is what we call in perfumery the "appearance" of a tea smell - kind of like abstract art, if you'll think of it that way) but it never fails to brighten up my day because it just smells that "happy" and "bright". Perhaps this is why we see that despite being launched in 1999, it still remains as one of EA's best sellers today, with a slew of other related products being sold such as the shower gel, honey drops cream and tons of GT flankers (I happen to not enjoy any of them, but that's another story). The 90's green tea era is long gone, but this scent has stood the test of time. 

The only few drawbacks of this scent is perhaps its poor silage (dies down to a skin scent in a matter of an hour) and that it smells fairly generic today - many green tea fragrances on the market probably use similar chemicals (it's not very difficult to copy a scent) to EA's GT and hence produce similar smelling products.
Some people say that the longevity of this fragrance is poor, but I disagree. I used to think it was so, till I did a skin-test and noted it lasted around 5-hours on my skin in this hot and humid weather. Maybe the poor silage gives the impression that it does not last long.

Overall, nothing ground-breaking for sure, but this scent is a lovely staple to have in your wardrobe whenever you'd like a simple pleasant green tea aroma. 

P.S: You can get this at a really cheap prices at perfume discounters islandwide. I got mine for $20+/- for 100ml.

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