Saturday, December 13, 2014

Coffee Review: Lindvall's Kaffe Brygg (Mellanrost)

Lindvalls Kaffe Brygg, approx 33kronor 

Hello y'all. I hope you've been doing great :D

Recently I bought a bag of grounded coffee from ICA and that started my European coffee obsession (lol). After trying several brands of Scandinavian coffee, I reckon I should review them. I've always thought of myself as a tea lover and often do not drink coffee except at Starbucks (pfft, it doesn't seem so great now..).

First up is Lindvall's Kaffe Brygg, a medium-roast coffee that is said to be suited for everyday drinking. It comes in 3 variations, colour coded in dark green, light green and red banners that represent extra fine ground, organic ground and normal fine ground respectively. The red one is suited for my french press, though I think it is bordering on being too finely grounded for a french press. Alternatively, you can use the regular coffee filter + filter paper combo to brew this.

Anyway, I love this particular coffee blend because it is so full-bodied and aromatic. Made of 100% arabica beans, it is a rich brown colour with cocoa tones and mild sweetness, possibly because the beans are not roasted too darkly. H likes it very concentrated, so I often put 4-6 rounded coffee spoons for just 2 cups of coffee! I love seeing the coffee oils at the top of the drink, and inhaling the aroma before I drink it with one sugar cube and some milk. Perfect to pair with a nice little dessert as well, I'd say.

Because Lindvall's Kaffe is presently a relatively small company, I hardly see its products outside of Uppsala, where I am currently residing. I'd be sure to lug a couple back to Singapore :p

Mmm, mellanrost. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cafe Review: Ofvandahls Hovkonditori in Uppsala

If you are in Uppsala, you must visit Ofvandahls Hovkonditori. Open by baker-poet Erik Ofvandahl in the 1878, it is  the oldest cafe in Uppsala. Ofvandahls Hovkonditori is a beauty with its antique decor and homely atmosphere.

I am quite an addict to this place, for it is unpretentious and serves up lovely, soul-comforting food. Also, prices are really great for students, where a lovely student baguette (jättebaguette) meal costs 59kr while a delicious tomato soup(soppa) meal costs 69kr. Or, if you are feeling like having a tea time treat (fika, as what they say in Swedish), a cake and coffee set for student costs just 55kr. That is significantly lower than many cafes in Uppsala.

Perhaps what I truly enjoy is the coffee they serve here.  In a room beside the front of the store, there is coffee stored in a classic looking gold-toned dispenser, along with a small milk container and some sugar cubes. So dark, so rich, it almost feels like you are drinking chocolate…truly a treat. I noticed it is free-refill as well, so drink away. 

Water jugs, flavoured with freshly cut cucumber, oranges and lemon slices, are also available to rinse your mouth from any caffeine stains.

Ah, Ofvandahls, I will miss you when I leave here.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Swedish Adventure Part 2: Autumn 2014 + School Life in Uppsala

Ah, autumn has arrived in Sweden.

Forget the warm yellow glow of the sun, the heat of daylight and the still cool air. Autumn has arrived with gusty winds, grey skies and damp pavements.

I thought I would like autumn.

Images of lovely red trees, warm hues of yellow and orange leaves found in photos…they are utterly misleading

Yes, I did manage to enjoy two weeks or three of such lovely scenes, but it is what the Swedes call brittsommar - the last days of summer in what is supposed to be autumn. That's when the air is around 11 degrees celcius in the day while the trees are in hues of brilliant orange. Walking to school and trudging along the pathways make me feel so surreal, as though I were in a beautiful dream.

Adapting to the school system is a little bit challenging, because the professor just leaves it up to you to decide whether or not you wish to be educated. Sure, there's homework, but it's merely project-based. Forget the ridiculous tutorial + class participation + project for every single module in NUS…here, it's just project work. You have time to research, to read up, to engage with your group mates. It's wonderful, when done in a proper way. By that, I mean if you actually took the time to read up.

While I did read up on things, I found the lack of motivation to do so. Maybe it is because I'm a utbytesstudent (Swedish for exchange student) where my grades are not at stake. Several of my friends whom I have met here are studying for their masters and they seem to be struggling under piles of readings and work to do…then again, H doesn't seem to be studying a lot at all but still does fairly well in school here in Sweden.

There's plenty of time for everyone to fika, take a relaxed stroll before doing some semblance of school work.. Ah, quite the life indeed.

You'd have time to run around and do photography, too.

My favourite haunt is becoming the lovely bibilotek (aka library) nearby. Rows of bookshelves arranged in a spacious manner, with modern chairs and tables all around for one to pore over a good read or assignment for the day. Plus there's a cosy little cafe cutely called Kafe Kardemunn (Cafe Cardamom) with modern classical deco and faux fire places (I'd probably pop by and review it when I have the time…).

On a side note, I bought a kånken from Fjällräven here in Sweden. It is far pricier than many online stores in Singapore, but I reckon those stocked there are fake. I never thought I'd buy this bag because of all the ah lians and beings and wannabe hipsters toting it around in Singapore. But I discovered it was Swedish and that there's tons of Swedish people of all ages toting this bag around for decades. Thus, I ended up getting one….hmmm, should review this too.

Anyway, that's all for this post.

I hope everyone (who reads this) is doing well, staying happy and awesome.
Till then.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

NOMNOM Review: Lindt Creation Mint Supreme

Lindt Creation Mint Supreme - 33kr (approx S$6)

Ah, I've always had a soft spot for mint.

Mint ice cream, mint flavoured chocolates, mint tea….I mint it (heheheh puny).

After walking past the chocolates on the shelves in ICA, Hemkörp and other grocery stores, I could not help but get lured into grabbing one of the awfully enticing chocolate bars by Lindt. I'm a die-hard fan of Lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt, and my insane need for it led to several amusing incidents of me exerting all effort in getting it -  it included begging a cousin to bring over some from Australia in the days when it was unavailable, hunting down every single chocolate store known locally, and hoarding supplies when I was in the land Down Under.

Anyway, Lindt's Mint Supreme is rather good. One bite into it reveals the beautiful mix of dark, seductive bittersweet chocolate and a creamy mint filling that tastes vegetal, almost like actual mint leaves. The creamy dark chocolate fills my mouth with such rich texture that it almost feels like I'm slowly being led into some sort of gothic, forbidden romance. Then the mint slides in-between the cocoa, sending a light, refreshing feel to save me from sinking into the abyss…

Pretty chocolate squares :D

Well, this gave me quite the foodgasm, if I could put it that way. A marriage of lovely smooth dark chocolate and melt-in-your mouth mint makes it a delightful treat. However, I am a sucker for the refreshing sensation of mint in chocolates and think that I still needed more mint in this! The mint filling, while refreshing, was a tad too light to balance out the pull of the dark cocoa.

Nonetheless, a lovely little treat during tea time (or fika), I suppose.

Mmm, mint. I think I will now make myself a cup of peppermint tea, or strong black coffee to go along with this...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Swedish Adventure - Part One

Hello you guys, I am bwaaaack. Or, as they say in Swedish, hej

I am currently on a 4-month exchange in Sweden and will spend my time blogging about it :3
I have since spent around a month here and every day I learn something new/different about the Swedes versus life back in Asia. In this post, it'll be about how I find Sweden :P (I've been asked this question many times by Swedes!)

1. KALLT! (Cold!)

Oh boy the weather is just plain cold compared to Singapore, but I got used to it after a few weeks. When I first arrived in late August, daytime temperature was around sixteen to twenty degrees and in the night it was around ten or eleven. I was just freezing in the first two weeks or so until my body adjusted. Honestly, the cold is bearable if it was not windy. The winds are often a lot colder than the average temperature and it feels like I'm getting whipped in the face every time the wind blows. :( 

See the duckies trying to keep warm? Yeah Sweden is cold.

Why you so expensive, Sweden?! Anyway, things here cost between three to four times more compared to equivalents in Singapore. A McDonald's meal, for instance, costs around S$12-$15. A regular cafe meal costs over S$20 and a basic restaurant food charges above S$20 per plate. :< It's a lot more economical to just stay in a cook all day (and hone my cooking skills mwahahahaha.)


The nice thing about Sweden is that it has many beautiful sceneries that you can explore and immense yourself in. Gamla Uppsala, for instance, offers a lovely countryside escape that's just 30 minutes away from central Uppsala (never mind the fact that there are the Viking hills which are essentially ancient burial grounds). Unlike Singapore when I feel utterly icky and insect-phobic, I'm pretty happy to go frolicking in the parks or woods here.

So there, that's the 3 big things about Sweden for me in the first few weeks :p

More to come later!

Toodles, stay healthy and awesome everyone :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I have visited Paris…wanted to review it quicker but I couldn't get past the awful experience I've had in Paris. I'm not sure if this will be an encouraging post for you to visit Paris, but it might be highly useful for you to avoid the same bad experience I had.

What's nice about Paris?
French pastries, everywhere. 
You can even get them in McDonalds!

Lovely, gothic architecture. 
Streets in France looks very dated, but not as though they were about to crumble and fall apart (unlike in Singapore…ahem). They are pretty well maintained for most part of the facade.

What's not nice about Paris?
Rude, rude, rude people. 
When people have said that the French were rude and snobby, I thought it was an over exaggeration. While we did meet a few nice people, most French were indeed just plain rude. Be it the angsty cashier to the pedestrians who elbow you to get their way through, people there are just not very nice.

It's not safe.
Hell, two bunch of people tried to pickpocket me on the same day of my arrival in France. Then, thug-looking men followed us in the hotel because they wanted to snatch my mother's phone. Worst of all, the hotel manager threatened to report us to the embassy when we wanted to upgrade a room to a family room as we had booked a double room for a night for 3 persons as there wasn't any option for a family room elsewhere and we were pretty desperate. It was half an hour of this awful man yelling at us as though we were criminals when we were just tourists wanting to travel around France.

Anyway, it's doubly unsafe if you're Chinese or Chinese-looking because pickpockets will target you wherever you go.

The streets are dirty and litter-filled.
Yeah, they said Paris was a romantic place. What they did not tell you is that near these romantic touristy spots, are pee-filled streets. It's like everyone took a dump there at night because they could not afford to go to the washroom (which is…quite expensive).

It is very hard to find toilets.
Yeah, no toilets on the streets. No, nein, non. McDonalds is your best bet but there will be tens and hundreds of people queueing up for the toilet. Well, if you do happen to find a toilet on the streets, chances are it will cost you 1 or 2 euros just to pee. Yeap.

Anyway, I do not have really good photos to show you in this post as I did not dare to even whip out my phone in public in Paris after several incidents which happen to my family.

Till next time~

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hello my darlings. It has been a while! I hope everyone has been doing great.

Recently I visited Frankfurt for a 3-day stopover on my way to Sweden and I reckon it'd be nice to do a quick review for those intending to come here.

Places I visited:
Zeil shopping district
Frankfurt am Main Station bridge
(Konstable) Hauptwache area

(It is not a lot, I know, as we were on a free&easy trip and didn't want to pack all the tourist attractions in a few days partly also because we didn't think it'd give us a true view of Frankfurt)

First impressions:
I found much of Frankfurt's architecture to be modern and aesthetically beautiful, with complex metal works on many buildings. Also, many German people spoke very good English (except for a particular convenience store Haussman whose employees don't seem to be able to speak it) so you'd have no trouble moving around. Great for a non-German speaker!

The people:
Most are very polite, and seemed really hardworking. I think they're taller than Singaporeans in general, though not very much taller. A lot of Germans appear very chubby which I kinda found cute (hehehe).

The food:
WURST WURST WURST, I'm not kidding you. At least, this is what stood out for us tourists. Everything seemed to be related to hearty doses of meat. In fact, my mother picked up a plastic container thinking it was coleslaw when it was actually ham & mayonnaise (no idea what's the name of it). It was really hard to get a daily dose of vegetal fibre there! Anyway, my dad eagerly ushered us to buy the famous curry wurst that people have been talking about on the net. While it is nice, it is just curry powder and barbecue sauce topped onto chopped wurst.

The safety:
Very few shady-looking people around although I'd say you'd best remain vigilant. I'm not sure if it is less safe than Singapore statistically speaking, although I did feel a little unsafe in some train stations that were quite deserted. Plus, you do not need a train ticket to enter the stations - you just need to hold on to a ticket in the event that the train conductor decides to check (which they never seem to do).

The places:
From our conversations with many locals, Frankfurt appears to be just a "city area" and is not as exciting as the other parts of Germany but I found it really nice and clean. My only few gripes perhaps is the stark lack of toilets and ridiculous prices for drinks at metros (4 euros for a bottled coke?!).

Zeil Shopping District had a lot of shops for shopaholics to trawl, while Hauptwache area had a lot of street food. Frankfurt Main Station was a little old and untidy, but there are some nice shops in the area to check out like the huge supermarket there (I enjoy checking out stuff sold in supermarkets mwahahah).

Overall, I liked Frankfurt. A thumbs up for me.

Next up, is a travel review for Paris.

Till then!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

{{Clothing Review}}: Uniqlo Extra-fine Merino Wool Sweater

Le random me in zeh sweater.
Colour: brown (apparently I bought the wine color by accident!)

UPDATE: My wool sweater started piling after using it on and off during my trip in Europe! BWAAHHHHH :'( I HAVEN'T EVEN WASHED IT WHAT IS THIS.

Whoopdeedoo, the image of my sweater turned out really grainy *bawls*
But anyway, here's a quick little review of Uniqlo's Extra-fine Merino Wool sweater.

I've been lemming for one for quite awhile now, and since the days are drawing near to my departure from Singapore, I have decided to just grab one! Grawrrrrrrrrr. Why you no discount?!

So, I tested the female sweaters first but didn't really like the designs - they are really slim-fit (hard to use as an outer layer), and felt less luxurious than the male versions. I don't think the male versions are made of thicker wool per se, but that the edges like the neckline and wrist areas are raised slightly, making them look more expensive. So, needless to say, I trudged over to the male section to try out theirs instead. 

Initially, I wanted to buy the (ultra-santa-claus-inspired) red U-neck sweater but I decided against it. After all, it is quite hard to mix and match a ludicrously bright piece especially for formal business wear (to me, anyway) so a brown neutral tone would be the most versatile. The next nicest colour was wine red, but as I already had a wine red top which I will be bringing, I decided to grab the brown one instead (yeah, all shades of red, I know).

So, how does this sweater fare? At SGD49.90, it is not cheap for a seemingly thin top! However, I noticed it is quite warm considering how I break out in a sweat in the changing room trying out the various wool products.

Currently, I am sitting in Starbucks which has a really cold aircon (probably blasting 16 degree celcius equivalent air) that is starting to hurt my face. But, the sweater is surprisingly keeping my body warm, as the cold wind does not seem to penetrate the wool surface(yaaaay). Not bad for a thin, fragile-looking thing, eh?

Anyway, I will update this review after using this for awhile ^___^

Love y'all and stay happy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My fragrance review blog!

Please visit :)

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well, as usual!

Today's post is a little advert for my new fragrance blog (I've decided to dedicate an entire domain to it). I would greatly appreciate it if you could hop over there! I will be shifting my fragrance reviews here onto that site instead, and this blog will focus on lifestyle blogging.

Please click here for my fragrance review site, Scents of Sight!

Thank you, and stay awesome!

AKA That Whimsical Blogger

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{{Food Review}}: Tart Blanc

Hello people!

Today will be a food review of Tart Blanc, a cute little cafe situated at Millenia Walk, Singapore. 
I was strolling by the area with my friend and we were deciding where to have our meal when we chanced upon this cute little cafe. The store is really small, with just 3-4 tables in there but the decor was truly beautiful. It is a modern minimalist decor where everything is white, flawless and neat. OCDs would probably approve of this place.

Oo pretty lights!
The lunch promotion seems great! At $9.90 you could get a main and a drink, which can be a coffee or one of their exquisite gourmet tea. Mmm, I'm a total tea sucker so that got me running into their store.
But wait, the surprise doesn't end there!

What is that I spy? Pretty little tarts? Oh my!
Upon entering, I realised that what is so delightful about their food offerings is the range of tarts they had (oh wait, it's called Tart Blanc, doh!). Just staring at how perfectly made and adorably small they are made me squeal internally like a little girl.

Normally such intricately-made desserts are exorbitantly priced, with one averaging around $10 in town. But here, it costs $7.50 and with the lunch promotion, you needed to add only $6.00! Oh heck yes, I thought. I am so getting the meal+drink+tart promotion.

For the main, I got the tortilla wrapped mushroom and beef meal, served with mini potatoes and a small salad that had balsamic vinegar dressing. I liked that you could choose the type of bread, filling and salad dressing for the main to really customise your order.

The tortilla was crisp and wonderfully fragrant, thanks to the onions in the filling. 
My only gripe was that the filing was arranged such that you can not cut it without it oozing out everywhere and leaving you in a mess (or perhaps my fine dining skills just fail, that's all).

My friend got the same thing, except his bread was wholemeal(I think..).

And next, desserts!
We took such a long time staring at their desserts. Should I get the chocolate one? No, too plain and generic. Or the fruits? Oh....

I ended up with the Pumpkin Crack Tart, a tart that's back due to popular demand.

My friend got the Raspberry Lavender Chocolate Tart

Pumpkin Crack Tart wasn't pumpkin-like at all. I could barely taste the pumpkin in it (a good thing for me because I dread the taste of pumpkin given how my dad loves boiling some every week). Like melt-in-your-mouth cream, this icing-sugar-sweet dessert just disappears almost instantaneously when you taste it.

Raspberry Lavender Chocolate Tart on the other hand was kinda like a dark-rich-tutti-fruity pastry. Upon tasting it, the myriad of tastes just explodes in your mouth. First is the sweetness of the tart, quickly followed by the bursts of sourness of the berries and then the lavender-laden dark chocolate base. A really interesting dessert.

My only gripe is that the tarts was rather hard and we had to use knives to cut it.

Overall, I liked my meal at Tart Blanc. Would likely pop by there if I'm hanging around the area next time.

Have you tried Tart Blanc? Did you like the food sold there? Do tell! :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{{Fragrance Review}}:The Body Shop's Blooming Gardenia EDT

English Dawn White Gardenia EDT S$35.90
Source: The Body Shop UK
A 2014 addition to The Body Shop's Scents of the World Fragrance collection, English Dawn White Gardenia is a lovely, delicate fragrance. 

English Dawn White Gardenia opens up startlingly crisp and fresh, with the pale translucency of a sweet, white rose scent. There is the presence of greenness as well, like the freshly cut stalks of a flower at dawn, still glistening with morning dew. Its opening smells nothing like gardenia and draws more semblance to its rose perfumes like Morrocan Rose and Atlas Mountain Rose, albeit with a mild blackberry-like undertone similar to Smoky Rose.  Nonetheless, this scent acceptably beautiful, conjuring an image blooming white roses, lilies and jasmines at dawn. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening notes.

As the scent settles, the waxy animalic vibe from the gardenia flower emerges. Ah, there's the gardenia! I thought, as I prepared myself for the growth of a monstrous white tuberose note. But lo! It did not trudge into tuberose territory. No, this is a gardenia that non-white-floral lovers can bravely embrace. While the pungency of a white floral is there, it settles elegantly instead of drowning your olfactory senses. The scent at its drydown smells darker and purplish, although there is just that barest hint of lovely sweet roses and greenness to it, reeling it away from the dark depths of the Unknown.

I might add this to my collection. It's simple, it's pretty. It's a fuss-free everyday scent.

Have you tried this scent? Is it a yay or nay for you? Do share, I'd love to know!

That Whimsical Blogger!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

{{Fragrance Review}}: Yves Rocher Lilas Mauve EDT

Yves Rocher Purple Lilac (Lilas Mauve) -S$9/20ml or S$30/100ml
Hello my darlings <3

Today I'll be reviewing Yves Rocher's Lilas Mauve EDT. I got this from Yves Rocher's store in Westgate Mall, which is ludicrously far away from where I live. :( The good thing is, the SA told me they will be expanding into the town and heartland area in the months to come, such as Ngee Ann City and Bishan Junction 8. Yay~

Basically Yves Rocher is known for its affordable fragrances while retaining a sense of creativity in their creations (y'know, many fragrances tend to either choose low price or being distinctive these days).

Out of the three EDTs in the range available (Lilas Mauve, Orange Flower, Lily of the Valley?), I picked this. 

Lilas Mauve is a simple, basic scent mimicking lilac flowers. The creation opens up fruity, with sweet pear and lychee notes and a mild drizzle of juicy citrus (orange, perhaps) to lighten the scent. The scent quickly settles with a characteristic sweet powdery lilac note, a dashing of light creaminess and just a touch of greenness.

Overall, a simple basic easy-to-like lilac perfume, although my gripe is that it is so light that it is more like a body spray.

Longevity: Poor
Silage: Soft

Have you tried Yves Rocher's perfumes? I would love to know what you think of them!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{{Fragrance Review}}: Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry

Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry, available at

Hey guys, I'm back this time with a fragrance review from the indie perfume brand, Olympic Orchids.

The perfume I will be reviewing is Kingston Ferry, a scent I held high expectations for providing a realistic sensory experience.

Kingston Ferry is a rather strange composition in a way that it is both green and aquatic. Yet, it is not your usual aquatic nor green scent that is either calone-overloaded or a like lush green synthetic garden. Rather, Kingston Ferry is resembles thickened seawater meeting damp, algae-covered planks at a rural countryside.

The scent starts out wet, dark and very herbaceous. The herbal quality of it is almost pungent, attacking one's nasal senses with the notes of astringent lavender and other medicinal green plants. The "aquatic" element to this scent gives an impression of a slimy and still water, possibly due to the seaweed note. When whiffed from afar, the myrrh note stands out like an intoxicating charm, leading you towards the edge of the stale seawater. 

This perfume brought me on a somewhat macabre journey, in a desolated area beside the sea.

Overall, it has a rather strong silage and a longevity of 4-5 hours.

Interesting scent, methinks, though I'd think it's more apt as a scent you smell for the imagery rather than as a perfume.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{{Fragrance Review}}: Demeter Fragrance Riding Crop

Greetings my darlings.
It has been a long while, as usual.

Today I present you a fragrance review, this time from Demeter Fragrance Library.

I ordered this online after reading up reviews of it. Demeter is not available in Singapore, if I am not mistaken. This is supposed to smell like "true leather" and almost "animalic sexy", according to some people.

Personally, though, I wouldn't call it a true leather scent. When I think of leather, I think of the lovely scent of new soft-skin leather goods. That interesting sensuous scent that extends beyond the realm of chaste impressions.  Demeter's Riding Crop smells more like a treated leather scent with a heavy emphasis on the treatment chemicals. It is basically a glossy, high-shine hard suede-like leathery scent with mild dusty undertones. The smell has a purplish grey colour.

Very intriguing for a perfume, nonetheless. The leather impression also lends this strange familiarity that makes it unique.

I would put silage to be mild, longevity to be around 3 hours on skin.

Have you tried Demeter's Riding Crop or any Demeter's fragrances? Do share! They seem to have many cute scents. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

{{Food Review}}: Starbucks Smoked Duck Wrap

Starbucks Smoked Duck Wrap -S$10.50

Hello my darling readers, today I am trudging onto a review land that I have yet to explore - food reviews! Hyaaaaah. 

Being the usual ADHD whimsical me, I decided to pop by Starbucks for a meal and hog their seats for a long time to do my art just before the university term starts. So here's a review of their Smoked Duck Wrap. I initially wanted their Ham, Roast Beef, (insert tons of meat) wrap but it was unavailable so I settled for the Smoked Duck Wrap instead. 

Boy, was that a mistake.

Besides being encased in a crispy onion-flavored wrap that is deliciously aromatic, there is little more this dish can do to impress.
The duck meat is rubbery and dry like processed ham, lacking a characteristically flavourful duck meat taste. Strike one. The addition of purple sweet potatoes thoroughly eliminated any trace of a savory dish with its sweet starchy flavour. Strike two. The spinach present does little to the composition except to lend a mild vegetal taste and perhaps provide me with some good ol' dietary fibre. Strike three. A smattering of onions nestled inconspicuously between the duck meat and potatoes provide negligible flavour, making me question their existence. Strike fou-you're out!

Overall, a strange confusing dish, akin to a perfume whose scents evolve rapidly through the different olfactory groups at once.

No likey you, smoked duck wrap!

The salsa side dip that was served with the wrap is rather queer as well. It is overly sweet with just a faint tomato taste peeking through at the end, as though the wrap itself isn't sweet enough with all the sweet potato stuffing. The spice/basil leaf(?) sprinkled in this dip lightens the sweetness somewhat with its greenness but its efforts are paltry at best. 

This picky food eater disapproves.

Score: 2.5/5

On a side note, at least I got to draw some stuff :D 

Still a work-in-progress!

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