Thursday, January 9, 2014

{{Food Review}}: Starbucks Smoked Duck Wrap

Starbucks Smoked Duck Wrap -S$10.50

Hello my darling readers, today I am trudging onto a review land that I have yet to explore - food reviews! Hyaaaaah. 

Being the usual ADHD whimsical me, I decided to pop by Starbucks for a meal and hog their seats for a long time to do my art just before the university term starts. So here's a review of their Smoked Duck Wrap. I initially wanted their Ham, Roast Beef, (insert tons of meat) wrap but it was unavailable so I settled for the Smoked Duck Wrap instead. 

Boy, was that a mistake.

Besides being encased in a crispy onion-flavored wrap that is deliciously aromatic, there is little more this dish can do to impress.
The duck meat is rubbery and dry like processed ham, lacking a characteristically flavourful duck meat taste. Strike one. The addition of purple sweet potatoes thoroughly eliminated any trace of a savory dish with its sweet starchy flavour. Strike two. The spinach present does little to the composition except to lend a mild vegetal taste and perhaps provide me with some good ol' dietary fibre. Strike three. A smattering of onions nestled inconspicuously between the duck meat and potatoes provide negligible flavour, making me question their existence. Strike fou-you're out!

Overall, a strange confusing dish, akin to a perfume whose scents evolve rapidly through the different olfactory groups at once.

No likey you, smoked duck wrap!

The salsa side dip that was served with the wrap is rather queer as well. It is overly sweet with just a faint tomato taste peeking through at the end, as though the wrap itself isn't sweet enough with all the sweet potato stuffing. The spice/basil leaf(?) sprinkled in this dip lightens the sweetness somewhat with its greenness but its efforts are paltry at best. 

This picky food eater disapproves.

Score: 2.5/5

On a side note, at least I got to draw some stuff :D 

Still a work-in-progress!

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