Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{{Fragrance Review}}: Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry

Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry, available at orchidscents.com

Hey guys, I'm back this time with a fragrance review from the indie perfume brand, Olympic Orchids.

The perfume I will be reviewing is Kingston Ferry, a scent I held high expectations for providing a realistic sensory experience.

Kingston Ferry is a rather strange composition in a way that it is both green and aquatic. Yet, it is not your usual aquatic nor green scent that is either calone-overloaded or a like lush green synthetic garden. Rather, Kingston Ferry is resembles thickened seawater meeting damp, algae-covered planks at a rural countryside.

The scent starts out wet, dark and very herbaceous. The herbal quality of it is almost pungent, attacking one's nasal senses with the notes of astringent lavender and other medicinal green plants. The "aquatic" element to this scent gives an impression of a slimy and still water, possibly due to the seaweed note. When whiffed from afar, the myrrh note stands out like an intoxicating charm, leading you towards the edge of the stale seawater. 

This perfume brought me on a somewhat macabre journey, in a desolated area beside the sea.

Overall, it has a rather strong silage and a longevity of 4-5 hours.

Interesting scent, methinks, though I'd think it's more apt as a scent you smell for the imagery rather than as a perfume.

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